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We are Decreo – a professional management consultancy and training company.

Our mission is to assist in creating professional solutions that help companies from their start-up through regular creative renewal towards a profitable transfer of ownership and other stages of strategic company development.

Our professional knowledge and experience is in strategic business and marketing management, human resource management psychology and creativity. We offer open workshops, seminars and provide in-house training, advice and consultation on strategic management issues and practical creativity.

In our group there are practicing and ex-university lecturers each with teaching, research, consulting and training facilitation competencies with 20 years experience. We have taught in Lithuania and abroad, we have written scientific papers, participated in conferences and worked on scientific research projects. We have consulted local and international companies in different business sectors.

Some of our most popular open seminars have been:

  • Being efficient on ETSY (a strategic and automation perspective);
  • Using Pinterest to scale-up sales;
  • Applying creative techniques in the development of new products;
  • Designing contemporary motivational schemes for young employees;
  • Creating strategies for young start-ups to enter overseas markets;
  • Strategic positioning of a brand in hyper-competitive markets;
  • Leading through EVOLUT 4.0 to energize businesses;
  • Training teachers in the application of creativity for young pupils.

We are be pleased to provide more information at your request.